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Sr. Mary Elizabeth Imler, General Community Leader
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Sr. Lovina Francis Pammit, 3rd Councilor 
Sr. Iaci Araujo de Miranda, 4th Councilor

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Religious Life Today

The joy and blessings of religious life await those willing to hear and answer God's call. This noisy world, meanwhile, clamors for your attention. Find some silence. Listen for his voice. As the world swiftly changes around us, it needs women religious and God's action in their lives more than ever.  

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Voices of Franciscan Hearts


Sister Viviane Makes First Profession of Vows

On February 3, Sisters from the United States were blessed to attend the First Profession of Sr. Viviane Vieira de Sousa at a beautiful Saturday evening parish mass at Our Lady of Fatima Church in Icoaraci, Brazil. Special programs were printed in English for Sisters from the U.S., and Father had copies of his homily in English so we could understand what he was saying. One thing we enjoyed very much was four young ladies dressed in gold who danced as the Word was brought in by a young boy dressed as St. Francis accompanied by a little girl dressed like St. Clare and carrying a monstrance. Sr. Viviane’s radiance and joy were so evident during the ceremony and the whole day. Afterwards there was a reception under three tents set up near the church. It is such a privilege to attend and see the joy and pride of all the people. What a day of blessings for us and our entire community! - Sr. Kim Marie Wolf

Sister Edinalva Makes Perpetual Profession of Vows

With much joy we share the news that Sister Edinalva Rodrigues Cordeiro made her Perpetual Profession of Vows in Barcarena, Brazil on January 27, 2024. The ceremony was celebrated by Bishop José Maria at Our Lady of Aparecida Base Community in the neighborhood of  Betânia, where Sister Edinalva participated and began her faith walk. Festivities continued at an outdoor parish space with friends, family and fellow Franciscan Sisters from both Brazil and the United States. Showered with love, good wishes and gifts, Sister said she is grateful for this exciting milestone in her Franciscan journey as she continues to walk in the footsteps of Saints Francis and Clare of Assisi.

"It was a beautiful and memorable day!" Sr. Edinalva said.